Music Festivals - Remembering the Essentials

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Music Festivals - Remembering the Essentials

Hello guys, I’ve been away for a little while but now I’m back with my latest post. You may have read my post, a good few months back I think, about my love for music festivals, especially dance festivals. This article is going to touch on the same subject as its about finding the right tent to help aid your festival experience, along with a few festival essential tips. Hope you enjoy guys. Read more

George Ezra is actually pretty talented!

01/12/2015 Main

George Ezra is actually pretty talented!

So my sister ended up with a couple of spare tickets to go and see George Ezra earlier in the year as he was on tour with Sam Smith and Hozier. I hadn’t really heard much about him but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him at the gig. I’d heard the song Budapest but had no idea it was him singing it as I don’t follow the charts too much these days. Funnily enough, I first heard that song when I was driving in a taxi from the airport to my apartment in Budapest last year when me and my siblings went away for a short 5-day break. Read more

My Other Love... Bikes

23/11/2015 Main

Thought it was about time I talked about something a little different, and as it's my blog, I think I can do that! :D

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Good afternoon all. Bit of a chilly Wednesday afternoon here. I’m listening to one of my favourite bands of all time and felt the time was right for another blog entry. The band is Queen. I’m sure you’ve heard of them ;)

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13/10/2015 Main

What music does everyone like? I am so glad I was brought up listening to a whole range of different styles. I feel like listening to Elvis one day and Black Sabbath the next, from Daft Punk to Debussy. I am of the opinion that you should at least try and appreciate different styles. You never know what you might end up liking. Of course it is ok to not like certain styles, but to dismiss them and saying something derogatory without properly listening, is very ignorant and it really grinds my gears!

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Dance Music Fesitvals

22/04/2015 Main

Hey guys… As a big fan of dance music and dance music festivals I wanted to write an entry about the many amazing events we have on this year! I am hoping to go to as many as possible and I am hoping to see you all there too ;)

In Europe we have so many to choose from, and in so many different countries too! The UK, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia and Croatia are just a few of the countries hosting amazing dance music events across the summer months. And if you want to go further afield, you have the USA and Mexico, which host parties on epic scales. Read more

I Love Daft Punk!

22/04/2015 Main

Evening everyone. Today I’m gonna share with you just how much I admire Daft Punk… So if you don’t then stop reading now! The secretive French duo have been around for nearly 20 years now (yes I feel old as well) and continue to dominate the music industry (not just the dance scene anymore!). Their real names are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, in case you didn’t know…

I first became aware of Daft Punk with their album ‘Discovery’, and in particular, the track ‘Digital Love’. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before and instantly fell in love with it. The rest of the album is pretty damn good as well. ‘Veridis Quo’ is a wonderful, soothing piece of dance music that is eerie and uplifting at the same time. ‘One More Time’ was of course a monster hit and secured Daft Punk’s notoriety in the dance music scene. Read more

Meteoric Rise of Oliver Heldens

22/04/2015 Main

Who is Oliver Heldens? Well he is a 20-year-old Dutch dance music superstar. And it’s all happened in the blink of an eye.

It all started with the huge release of ‘Gecko’ on one of house music’s biggest labels, ‘Spinnin’’, in 2013. I know when I first heard that track I could not stop listening to it, was different to everything else at the time. He managed to gain a main-room sound that was all his own. ‘Gecko’ was then released with vocals from one of house music’s biggest vocalists, Becky Hill. That was released under the name ‘Gecko – Overdrive’. The track was again massive and became No. 1 in the UK. A big feat for an up and coming artist. Read more

Worlds Biggest DJs

22/04/2015 Main

The momentum dance music has, and the rate at which it grows, is something that fascinates me and amazes me. Usually music goes in and out of fashion, and we do a see that with some genres, but dance music just never goes away. We have been dancing in clubs since the late 70s and we show no signs of slowing down. Dance music is regularly in the Top 10’s around the world and I for one love it!

So my blog entry today is about who are the biggest and best DJ’s in the world? Well I suppose it depends on what genres you are into. Read more


About Me

19/04/2015 Main

Heyyy fellow dance music lovers! Jeremy here! I wanted to start a blog about all things dance music

and DJ related, so here it is. I don’t have much time for the other stuff, so expect to hear a lot about Read more