What music does everyone like? I am so glad I was brought up listening to a whole range of different styles. I feel like listening to Elvis one day and Black Sabbath the next, from Daft Punk to Debussy. I am of the opinion that you should at least try and appreciate different styles. You never know what you might end up liking. Of course it is ok to not like certain styles, but to dismiss them and saying something derogatory without properly listening, is very ignorant and it really grinds my gears!


So it’s 2015… And there is lots of cool music around… and some not so cool. One group I have been very much into this year is ‘The Weekend’. They have released some great music and in particular ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. Macklemore has been releasing some great party music this year and is a big favourite among my group of mates. Unfortunately we still have Justin Bieber releasing music and he still dominates the charts. Thankfully I don’t listen to any commercial radio and don’t have to put up wit that sh*t. Same with One Direction. Now the worlds biggest “band”. They are not a band. Will be interesting to hear Adele’s new album when I get the chance. It’s been getting some massive reviews.


On the dance front Eric Prydz has been making some bangers, as have Tale of Us and Jamie XX. I recently saw the latter at Studio 338 and he blew my mind. Amazing music!


See you in a bit guys