A revelation : Kygo

It's simple, Kygo is my favourite artist of this year ! More than a Dj, he's also a real musician and pianist and we feel that in his music !

He's only 24 years old and he's a real revelation since last year.

Kygo began to take piano lessons at age six. Then he stopped about 16 years and began to produce music with Logic Studio and a MIDI keyboard while watching several tutorials on YouTube. After listening  "Seek Bromance" of Avicii he took the decision to embark on the composition of electronic music while he was at Midway for a degree in business and finance at the University. 
Everything began for him following his takeover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", and that "I See Fire" Ed Sheeran, remix very successful !
After listening and viewing of his pieces to more than 80 million times, Kygo is contacted by Avicii and Chris Martin to compose the official covers of their songs. He appears in the first part of Avicii to the Oslo Festival Findings in 2014. He was present in Tomorroworld in 2014 by remplacing his friend Avicii.
While he chained the hits and is in some time become one of the most popular DJs of the moment, Kygo has marked the history of the EDM last month by becoming the first electro artist to give a performance at the Nobel peace prize ceremony. DJ specialising in the Tropical House was able to play on stage four titles including "Stole The Show" and "Firestone", its two flagship pieces that moves across the globe this summer, as well as ' Stay' his new title. " After that Kygo and John Legend have taken over "Sexual Healing" live, it's the band A - HA, who came to accompany the DJ on a remix of their "Take On Me" title using a this Orchestra for the event.
I'm going to see Kygo next month in concert, I'm so happy it will be a great moment.