Billion Dollar Films

Hey everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. Me and my family all went and saw the Disney live action Beauty and the Beast last month. We can proudly say we helped it reach the $1 billion dollar club, which was announced this weekend. It takes a lot of of tickets for a movie to reach that coveted spot, so understandably there are not too many that have made it. Check out this list of movies that have made it into the billion dollar club.


The Beauty and The Beast

The one is obvious. The live action remake of this classic tale had a great opening, with over $150 million opening weekend. The film has been a smash hit, and is good evidence that more Disney movies will be remade in the next years. Beauty and the Beast also had a quite low budget, especially when compared to other films on the list.


Beauty and the Beast 

The Dark Knight

Partially fueled by the death of Heath Ledger and partially fueled by Ledgers great performance, the Dark Knight had multiple releases that add up to almost $1.1 billion. The Dark Knight is easily one of the most memorable films of the 2000’s, so its inclusion on this list is no surprise.



This is the strangest inclusions in my mind. Zootopia was Disney’s answer to funny speaking animal films, and did great in the box office. Critics thought different, as this is one of the lowest ranking films to make the list. That isn’t to say it’s bad however, just a copy of an old idea.


Alice In Wonderland

Another live action remake, Alice In Wonderland with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter was a masterpiece. The film stayed very true to its source material, with multiple characters from the poem appearing in the movie.