Dance Music Fesitvals

Hey guys… As a big fan of dance music and dance music festivals I wanted to write an entry about the many amazing events we have on this year! I am hoping to go to as many as possible and I am hoping to see you all there too ;)

In Europe we have so many to choose from, and in so many different countries too! The UK, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia and Croatia are just a few of the countries hosting amazing dance music events across the summer months. And if you want to go further afield, you have the USA and Mexico, which host parties on epic scales.

If you like Trance, then ASOT (A State of Trance) in Holland is definitely worth a shout. All the biggest names are there and this festival is the largest in the world for Trance music.

Summer Festival in Belgium is growing every year, and you can hear a wide range of dance music styles at the festival. It is also a fair bit cheaper than the other festivals, so is very high on my priorities this year!

Exit, in Serbia is a brilliant experience and I would go every year if I could! I went two years ago and the atmosphere and production just blew my mind.

Closer to home we have Creamfields. One of the most famous dance music festivals in the world, the event has been going for years, and still attracts the biggest acts and artists. These guys sure know how to run a festival!!

Outlook, in Croatia, is seen by many as the ultimate festival experience. I am one of those people! I went last year and it was up there with one of the best experiences of my life! I am going back this year and will probably do the same next year as well… It’s THAT good.

Spain also holds a festival that is nearly at the same level as Outlook. Sonar attracts an extremely ‘up for it’ crowd and those guys know how to party. And I love Spain. So its win-win for me!

See you guys at the front!! :D