George Ezra is actually pretty talented!

George Ezra is actually pretty talented!

So my sister ended up with a couple of spare tickets to go and see George Ezra earlier in the year as he was on tour with Sam Smith and Hozier. I hadn’t really heard much about him but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him at the gig. I’d heard the song Budapest but had no idea it was him singing it as I don’t follow the charts too much these days. Funnily enough, I first heard that song when I was driving in a taxi from the airport to my apartment in Budapest last year when me and my siblings went away for a short 5-day break.

Great Performer

Anyway, since the concert I have found an appreciation for the guy and he’s a real talent. He’s obviously got the looks so all the girls are already sold which is why my sister was so keen to see him in the first place. That aside though he’s got a really cool sound and I love the fact that he rocks that vintage hollow-body guitar. He’s an incredible performer, if a little shy, but this doesn’t reflect in his voice as he’s note perfect and sings with a real authority. The atmosphere was great when I went to see him with my sister, I could see that we weren’t the only ones with eyes glued to the stage in admiration.

Wanted on Voyage

If you’re looking for a new album to listen to then I’d definitely suggest Wanted on Voyage by George Ezra. It’s a good solid album and I’m looking forward to his next instalment. I was really surprised by this guy so give him a whirl and see what you think.