How to draw animals

Hello everyone. I hope you are well. I would like to welcome you back to my arts and entertainment blog. Sometimes people ask me how to draw or sketch animals properly. So that's why I thought I will give a brief overview and some basic advise to get started. But first off, this is not about a specific animal or species. Furthermore it is about the basics, how to approach this task in general.

Where to Start?

There are different approaches on how to draw animals. There is nothing like "the one" or "the best" method. Furthermore it is about the basics and which technique suits you the most. A good start is to collect a lot of reference material such as pictures or videos. For some artists it is more convenient to got out and explore the nature and it's wildlife directly. But not everybody has these possibilities. Another way are biology and anatomy books. My favourite shopping website http://www.gebraucht-kaufen.at/zeichnen-tiere offers a wide variety on such books. New and second hand.

Getting started with Pictures

The problem when drawing animals is, there are alive and constantly moving. They walk or turn around and mostly they are facing the wrong direction. And when they are finally lying down, they are tired, coiled up and sleeping. So this can be quite a challenging task.

Sketch Elk

That's why is does make more sense to get started with images. It s far more easier and you can take as much time as you want. Your motif wont move or run away. You are able to take a closer look and examine the shape of the body, muscles and fur as well as other details precisely. Afterwards you can compare your drawing with the original picture. This is a very good way to learn.

Furthermore, this way you can study the fundamentals of the anatomy of certain animal without distraction. Take as much time as you need. The only downside is, that the feeling for the movement and the essence of an animal is kind of lost. Photographs are therefore particularly suitable for anatomical studies. Some amazing photographs and illustrated books are available on http://www.gebraucht-kaufen.at/bildband-tiere.

Animals in their natural Habitat

For many artists there is no alternative to drawing in nature – this also applies to animals. Particularly when drawing animals, one has the advantage that one gets much more intense impressions on the living model. One can observe the movement and behaviour. You can see certain details that may be lost in a photo. This direct observation is probably irreplaceable for the drawing of animals. If you are not able to see them in their natural habitat, videos are a good substitute. A great resource in my opinion is National Geographic. The have a huge collection of animal videos available on their website http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/animals.

Sketch Lion

As a beginner, you will find it difficult to take in all the impressions very quickly. It is necessary to recognize forms and proportions quickly and to put them on paper. It is not particularly bad, however, if the proportions are not 100%, but in return the character - the essence - of an animal has been caught. Therefore drawing on living creatures is especially recommended for animal studies.

And it doesn't matter whether you are using different types of paints and colours to draw or just sketching using a pencil. This is totally up to you. But if you are looking for drawing equipment, the website Gebraucht-Kaufen.at offers great deals and bargains. They also offer all kinds of proper and cheap drawing equipment such as pens, pencils, papers, colours and brushes. So make sure you check it out before you start.