I Love Daft Punk!

Evening everyone. Today I’m gonna share with you just how much I admire Daft Punk… So if you don’t then stop reading now! The secretive French duo have been around for nearly 20 years now (yes I feel old as well) and continue to dominate the music industry (not just the dance scene anymore!). Their real names are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, in case you didn’t know…

I first became aware of Daft Punk with their album ‘Discovery’, and in particular, the track ‘Digital Love’. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before and instantly fell in love with it. The rest of the album is pretty damn good as well. ‘Veridis Quo’ is a wonderful, soothing piece of dance music that is eerie and uplifting at the same time. ‘One More Time’ was of course a monster hit and secured Daft Punk’s notoriety in the dance music scene.

After hearing that album I found out they had released one previous to that, called ‘Homework’. Turned out that record was a beast as well, with ‘Around the World’, ‘Alive’ and ‘Burnin’’ being brilliant tracks.

‘Human After All’ was there third (and weakest IMO) album. I was surprised with the content, compared to two such amazing predecessors. I read that they spent a lot less time on that album compared to the others, and I think it shows. But…

Just when you think they may have lost their way, or that they don’t write amazing music anymore, they go and release ‘Random Access Memories’. It surprised a lot of people because it was a big change in direction for them. There was a lot of funk and rock influence and it sounds nothing like their previous work (on the whole). When I heard ‘Instant Crush’ I couldn’t believe my ears. What a beautiful track. I listened to it over and over and still do to this day. One of my favourites of all time, I like it that much! The album’s production is second to none (I heard it cost £1,000,000!!!!!).

Who knows what direction they will take next? I for one, cannot wait!!