Music Festivals - Remembering the Essentials

Music Festivals - Remembering the Essentials

Hello guys, I’ve been away for a little while but now I’m back with my latest post. You may have read my post, a good few months back I think, about my love for music festivals, especially dance festivals. This article is going to touch on the same subject as its about finding the right tent to help aid your festival experience, along with a few festival essential tips. Hope you enjoy guys.

So whether you’re going to Cream, Glastonbury, V-festival or one my favourite dance festivals, it is always import to do a checklist so you don’t forget any of the essentials. Obviously the top of that list is going to be a decent tent but besides that, there are also a few other bits and bogs that you should make sure you take a long. If you want a lot of the basics then you can just check out somewhere like Argos. They have a basic selection of most things you’ll need for camping and some good offers if you’re looking to keep the price down.

Sleeping Bag

So I used to own a cheap Coleman Silverton sleeping bag which I picked up for around £30. Since I’ve been getting into festivals pretty hard-core, I decided to upgrade to a nicer bag. Sleeping may not be the top of your agenda when your raving away at a festival but at some point you’ll be ready to pass out and if you want to be in the best shape to party-on again the next day, a good sleeping bag will help you get some decent kip in so your recharged and ready to go. I’ve upgraded to the Dream Weavers Montane bag and its bang on. It set me back around £135 but it is well worth the money and far superior in comfort.

Camping Mattress

A good sleeping bag will only do so well if you don’t take along a comfortable camping mattress to sleep on. The best kind and most comfortable are air mattress, you may have to blow the thing up but it will be worth it when it comes to nodding off. I’ve currently got a Thermarest which are a good brand when it comes to camping mattresses. The added bonus with this one is that you actually don’t have to blow it up, it self-inflates so minimal fuss to get it up. It’s about 5cm thick and really comfortable to sleep on, not like an old lilo style blow up bed. If your worried about it getting damaged, it comes with a lifetime guarantee too. I paid around £65 for mine.



Winter Jacket

You’re going to be spending a lot of time outside so depending on the time of year, having a good winter jacket could be essential. Let’s face it, even in the summer months in the UK, it could p*** it down at any time so it’s always handy to have your weather proofs with you. I’ve splashed out on a Haglof jacket for around £200 but you can pick-up something cheaper that will still do the job. Mine’s really light but offers great protection from the elements. The breathable material keeps you ventilated so ideal for a random downpour in the middle of spring or summer.


I like to carry around a head torch so I can keep my hands free. You can pick a decent one up for around £30. The Alpkit torch that I bought is pretty sweet nd I’ve been happy with the purchase. It will pump out decent light and only requires a couple of AA batteries. I always take a spare pack of batteries just in case.

Travel Hob

Primus do some pretty good camp stoves but they do come in pretty pricey. I’ve had basic stoves in the past which have worked perfectly fine but as I’m an avid festival goer, I figured I’d spend a bit extra. I spent around £100 on my latest stove and its pretty mint.

Wellington Boots

Not the most stylish looking things but essential I’d say depending on how mucky the festival get. Other attire can obviously be suitable. I’ve got some big old cat boots that I wear at the moment but I’m after some proper wellies for my next outing.

Travel Charger

I’ve found the black diamond works pretty well but there’s loads to choose from on the market at a range of prices.

Finally: A Good Tent

Finding a good tent is the most key of all as its going to be your temporary new home and basecamp. MSR has some nice styles that are pretty swish, I’ve got the MSR Elixer at around £200 but you may not have the funds for something that pricey. You could go for a cheap Vango at a quarter of the price but it might be an open to check out the net for a second-hand well branded tent. You can get a better tent then for a lot less. So you’re onto a winner as long as it’s still in good nick and still has all the bits. My pal has just picked one up from a site online and it ticks all the boxes. Check this site out of you’d rather look for old used tents www.for-sale.co.uk/tents. Definitely worth a visit, some nice tents available for cheap and in good condition.