Music Licensing

Hey folks! I thought I’d talk a little about music licensing today. Music licensing is simply granting permission for your your copyrighted music to used by others under certain conditions that you stipulate. Licensing provides a musician a means of creating income from their music without also having to hand over the copyright of the original work. Each particular piece of music can be licensed to multiple clients and those licenses can be renewed on request, ensuring a continual revenue stream for the artist rather than a one-off payment for a piece of work.

There are numerous companies, both on and offline, that act as agents for musicians when it comes to licensing music. They act as a middleman and charge a percentage. They invariably have many contacts within the industry to promote your music to. The two most common types of contract in the music licensing industry are the the exclusive contract and the non-exclusive contract. An exclusive contract means that the music owner, or licensor, can only lease your music to one licensee. They then have exclusive rights to it under the terms of the contract. A non-exclusive contract means that licensor can lease the music to as many licensees as he or she sees fit. These terms and conditions will be covered and bashed out during the licensing process when all parties involved will have representatives present.

Creating revenue in the way of royalty fees can be an extremely lucrative business model for a talented and experienced musician if they employ the right representation. If you are thinking of licensing your own music you should first consult a specialist music lawyer for advice. Until next time folks.