My Favourite Music and Artists


Good Morning House music lovers. I wanted to share with you all my favourite music of this fabulous year (and maybe a few from last year ;)). House music is as big as ever and my love for it never seems to diminish! Long live House! Ha-ha… I might even include stuff from other genres, if you’re lucky ;) Vanilla Ace is a guy that rarely puts out anything that doesn’t get my head moving. His ‘Musicology EP’ release on Off Recordings was his strongest to date, whilst his remix of Jamie Antonelli’s ‘Don’t Hold Back’ was probably my favourite house track of 2013. The bass and hook give the track a totally different (and better IMO) feel to the original. SUCH A TUNE!!! Leftwing and Kody, when they collaborate, put out some classy House. At the top of the list, for me is ‘I Don’t Know’. The bass is powerful, yet very laid back. On a big rig that track blows me away! Dark Sky is someone that is not normally on my radar; the music is a little heavy for me usually, BUT, ‘IYP’… Wow, just wow. Has heavy Techno and Breakbeat influences and gets a crowds attention, trust me!   If you like your stuff a bit deeper, then check out Tale of Us and Finnebassen. ‘Another Earth’ by Tale of Us is a unique and catchy track. Check it out!!   Now, if you fancy something a bit different, then check out Tourist. When I heard ‘I Have No Fear’ for the first time I just had to know what is was and whom it was by. Tourist is now one of my favourite artists! Glitchy ambient niceness!   CHVRCHES are a group that I have only just started to listen to. It’s synth laden pop music, some may find it a little cheesy and commercial, but I am a secret cheese fan at heart! The tracks are so classy, with my favourite being ‘Dead Air’ (from The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 1).   What are you guys listening to? I’d love to hear from you!!