Noah and the Whale

Hi folks! Welcome back to the blog. So I thought I would introduce you to a band I have recently come across. I very rarely listen to the charts as I find pop music extremely cheesy, repetitive and pretty uninspiring but what I love to do is use you tube and Spotify and will always click on a random musician that pops up. So I was listening to a playlist that I had chosen featuring a random selection of Folk and Indie artists and a band called Noah and the Whale popped up. I really liked the sound they were creating so I then went on to play more of their songs. I realised I had heard some of them before but didn’t know who the songs were by. Well I thought that they were that good that they deserved a blog entry dedicated to them!



So they are a band from Twickenham that formed in 2006 and includes a mix of friends and family. Their music is inherently folk and soft rock but with touches of 70s and 80s inspired sounds, notably using Bruce Springsteen as their guide. They use all manner of instruments in their set ups from the ukulele, banjo to the glockenspiel (you know the one…kind of looks like a piano with a few keys attached to a piece of wood) well this eclectic mix creates a really fun, vibrant and melodic chasm of sound which has become extremely popular in the last few years. The likes of the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons have really set the bar high but Noah and the Whale offer something fresh. Listening to a Mumford and Sons album is like listening to the same song 15 times but Noah and the whale seem to have a smorgasbord of ideas that keep you wanting more.