Top 5 DJs



As a fan of EDM music, I would like to share with you the classification of the top 100 Dj in the world according to Djmag.fr

1 - Dimitri vegas and like mike

In 2013, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike registered the highest increase in the top of the rankings before come up to the 2nd place in 2014...On stage, microphone Mike incantations have so much space that the big room drops released by Dimitri. The facial expressions are always the same, with a "hey ho" and "3, 2, 1" recurring, and also the countless "put your fu * ing hands up in the hair", a central element of the show proposed by these two brothers of Greek origin, who were in no way intended to become DJ's #1 of the Top 100 DJs. Taking advantage of the advent of the "hard dance", also called "big room", Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike launched in 2011 their label Smash The House to speed up the pace of their outputs. Every year, they contributed to format a dancefloor music based on energy, power and accessibility. Three key words that meet in all respects to the expectations of young people familiar to the EDM codes. They are adept of studio collaboration with big artist and Result : they accumulate millions of views in each new single. The last two, 'The Hum' co-produced with Ummet Ozcan, and 'Higher Place' sung by Ne-Yo, were among the most consumed by fans of EDM in recent months. I'm a fan of these Dj and I bought their last album on this second hand website : http://www.in-vendita.it, the best place to find cheap products !


2- Hardwell

His fans thought he would realize the hat-trick but Hardwell must settle this time for second place. Robbert van Corput had a year 2015 rich in emotions, with the release of his first album 'United We Are',  Its weekly residence in Ushuaia Ibiza and concerts through the world.

Hardwell is a strong brand on five continents, he's able to unite millions of fans and to fill whole stadiums, to the image of the winter edition of the World Club Dome front 40000 people raging. More and more, the Dutch also invests for humanitarian causes. His new challenge is to implement the biggest ever guest-list by inviting 100000 people to come to party in Mumbai, India. Despite the very relieved competition in his country, Hardwell seems not at all worried, strong of this trust and this insurance that characterize since his youngest age...

3- Martin Garrix

Revealing of the present time, the direct entry of this Dutch teenager in the 40th in the standings in 2013 has marked the spirits. Then the young Dutchman has risen by 36 seats in 2014, at only 18 years old, becoming the youngest DJ to integrate the Top 5 ranking...

Except for his age, the Dutchman has everything of a big Dj. His rise has been meteoric since the release of his first single 'Animals', certified as one of the most consumed tubes by EDM fans. If you want replay this music, clik here. Martijn Garritsen thus found himself in command of events in stadiums before even actually to be handmade in the shadow of the clubs, like most of his elders. However, its infernal pace has not done out of tracks and he discovered a true charisma at the turntables.

4-Armin van Buuren

Each year, the name of Armin van Buuren figure at the top of the top 100, as if he could not have other options. True to trance culture, the Dutchman is a true war machine. At the head of her show A State Of Trance and its Armada label (which now has 10 of sublabels, including The Bearded Man who launched the careers of Lost Frequencies), he argues such a hungry conqueror. It has already put the trance world at his feet but it caters to more and more to all those who gravitate to the EDM culture.

Aware that he must make concessions in its choices, Armin opened the doors of his studio to people of other worlds, like Hardwell and Mr Probz, both gathered on his sixth album.


5- Tiestö

Consistently rated in the top 10 since 2002, the Dutchman has lost none of its talent in the eyes of its fans. Yet he operated one of the most notable artistic shifts among the elite of the world deejaying.

Its mix at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and his many hymns of trance seem far distant. Immersed in the EDM world in recent years, the influential native Dutch of Breda now turn more time to oversee what is proposed to him rather than to hold on to the first front of artistic creation.