Worlds Biggest DJs

The momentum dance music has, and the rate at which it grows, is something that fascinates me and amazes me. Usually music goes in and out of fashion, and we do a see that with some genres, but dance music just never goes away. We have been dancing in clubs since the late 70s and we show no signs of slowing down. Dance music is regularly in the Top 10’s around the world and I for one love it!


So my blog entry today is about who are the biggest and best DJ’s in the world? Well I suppose it depends on what genres you are into.

If you are a Drum and Bass fanatic then it has to be Andy C. He has been around since the start of the Drum and Bass revolution and continues to be on the best line-ups, at the biggest events. His all-out power style is so infectious and the crowds just love him. He’s not a bad producer too!!!

Techno lovers… Is it Hawtin or Cox? Troxler or Vath? These old hats are there year after year. Carl Cox is a former DJ Mag No.1 and the (literal) heavyweight is always at the forefront of his scene. Richie Hawtin though is a Techno pioneer and that guy shaped that scene more than probably anyone else. My vote is for Richie!


Are you a Calvin Harris or Deadmau5 fan? Or both? If I was to choose between the two I would have to go with Harris. Especially his earlier releases. He has gotten a bit too EDM for me now, but his album ‘18 Months’ is one of the best dance albums ever. Every track is pure class and his production and riff building skills are like nobody else. The guy now earns about £50 million per year. And he is a DJ. Wow!!!!


Trance fans… Van Buuren or Corsten? W&W or Above and Beyond? Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten have been the biggest names in Trance since the golden days. Corsten wrote some of the best anthems and continues to DJ around the world whilst Van Buuren holds the massive ASOT in Holland, every year, a phenomenal achievement!! If I was to pick though, Ferry has my vote!


Would love to get your views guys J